Lafrowda Festival Parade 2008

This summer (2008) I took part in this years Lafrowda festival parade in St Just, West Penwith, Cornwall. For the week I joined in the ‘willow giant’ workshops and constructed a very large
‘LPR!’ gramophone accompanied by ‘Nipper’ the dog in the style of ‘His Masters Voice’ for the procession. ( I had to resort to carrying a tape deck inside it though…) also made a 12ft long guitar out of willow and tissue paper for the lantern parade lit up inside. No photos of that behemoth I am afraid! It was really good fun and gave me practical inspiration for developing ideas for creating stage sets for road show. It was an honour to be ‘Artist DJ’ in residence and organise the first Lafrowda Fringe Festival. ‘Let’s Play Records Live at the W.I!’ the first experiment in B.Y.O raised £220.

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Lafrowda 2008