Lafrowda Festival Parade 2009

Mad as ever but really good fun. What I like about it is that it’s made up of lots of eccentric/eclectic small events that make up the whole. It’s good that the organisers are up for the risk when putting these workshops on as some don’t meet the bums on seats criteria of sustainable rationale. It really wouldn’t be the same with out that edgy (dodgy?) element. As I lurched out of
‘EP!’ and midway through ‘BYO!’ it was a bit of rush getting it together for a willow figure for the parade. Ever on the look out for ways to plug ‘BYO Disco!’ I created 10ft tall DJ SubWoofer (a gargantuan nipper the Jack Russell on wheels) including turntables complete with Doggy style bling. He moved nimbly through the crowds to rapturous welcome from the heaving crowds. In addition to playing at the Lafrowda festival fringe I also managed to do a string of fanzine workshops throughout the warm up week which was enjoyed by a small hardcore of budding publishers.

The fanzine days were really good. I liked it because you could choose to do anything you wanted and do it anyway you liked. And to have something for people to read was amazing as well! I am doing a comic next year.


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Lafrowda 2009